Hydraulic generators


Hydraulic generators convert the hydraulic power from work machine into high quality electricity. Hydraulic generator is reliable, compact, long-lasting, vibration free and emission free solution.

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Hydraulic submersible pumps


Geneset hydraulic submersible pumps are designed for efficient and fast transfer of fluids. Products are suitable for pumping liquids with impurities and solids.

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Hydraulic welding machines


Hydraulic power operated welding machines are suitable for

  • construction and mining machinery
  • drilling and forestry machines
  • tractors
  • service vehicles and
  • work platforms etc.

Products are suitable for welding and temporary power supply on-site for electric tools, lightning etc. Available product power range is 6-10 kVA.

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Hydraulic magnet generators

Hydrauliset magneettigeneraattorit

Hydraulic magnet generators convert the power of the working machine effectively into electric power needed by the lifting magnet. By using our compact and efficient hydraulic magnet generator and a lifting magnet, you can lift ferrous metal materials and loads reliably.

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Hydraulic high pressure pumps

Hydraulinen korkeapainepumppu

By combining our hydraulic high pressure pump with hose and washing pistol we can create efficient pressurised washer, suitable for all mobile washing. Product is also suitable for binding dust.

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Lifting magnets


By using our lifting magnet you can collect and handle scrap metal, pig irons, solids, bars, plates etc.

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Hydraulic compressors


Geneset hydraulic compressors convert work machine's hydraulic power into a high quality pressurised air. Applications include flushing and cleaning tasks, powering pneumatic tools and filling tires – by using work machine's hydraulic power, on-site.

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